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When the beat drops (cat edition)

Vine by: Lance210

Irish Weapons are fucking scary


Don’t believe me?

Go look up the Gae spears.
Actually, no. I’ll do it for you.

Gae Bulg? That shit was basically 1v1 fite me nerd GG NO RE in physical form. You stab the fucker, and he sprouts a fucking TREE from his body and it has to be CUT. OUT. OF. THE. BODY. Metal as FUCK.

Gae Dearg? That shit causes wounds that don’t heal. Doesn’t sound too bad compared to Gae Bulg, right? Well guess what, fuckers: if you got any sort of wound back then it’d fucking kill you if you didn’t stop the bleeding as soon as possible. This thing keeps you bleeding.

Gae Buidhe? A spear that cuts magic. Again, doesn’t sound like much. Take a moment to think about just how spiritual and superstitious Ireland was in those times, and consider that everything was connected to some form of magic in their minds. This thing could sever your connection to life, the earth, the universe itself. That’s fucking scary.

Luin, the lance of Celtchar? Always on fire. ALWAYS. And not some pansy-ass torch fire. Fuck that. This thing was something that would have had the Lord of Sunlight, Gwyn himself, openly weeping. It was so fucking hot, this thing would set the buildings you tried to house it on fire. Even if they were stone. A drop of blood falling from the blade killed its first owner.

speaking of things that Gwyn would ruin his pants over, how about that Claihm Soleis? The Irish invented the lightsaber. Yeah. A sword with a blade of pure sunlight, that blazed more intensely the more powerful the one wielding it. It was said that nothing could withstand its touch, and that this claymore of light belong to Nuada. NUADA. THE GOD-KING.

Oh, and then there’s Caladbolg, sword of Fergus Mac Roich and analogue to EXCALIBUR. It trailed rainbows behind every movement, and a simple swing could cut a man in twain…and the man behind him…and the one behind him, and the one after that, and the one after that. It was an army-slayer, and it once cut the top of a mountain off when Fergus missed.

And then there’s Fragarach. Do I have to go into Fragarach? I do? Alright, hold on to your fucking asses.

Fragarach don’t take no fucking shit. It was forged by GODS. If you hold it to anyone’s throat, they CANNOT TELL A LIE. FRGARACH DON’T GOT TIME FOR LIES, BITCH. And shields? FUCK SHIELDS. FRAGARACH WILL FUCK THEM. IN THE ASS. And that thing of Gae Dearg’s? The whole “this wound won’t heal” thing? Yeah. Fragarach’s got that too. Jesus Fucking Christ

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