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I went on Facebook for the first time in months and got thought about TMNT. This is the result.

RE: April’s ethnicity:

Is this film actually going to be a comedy about the terrible casting choices of producers/directors in the mainstream film industry?

Because I don’t know how anyone could write a scene in which a white guy introduces himself as OROKU SAKI and then points to the clearly Japanese woman and introduces her as his daughter without intending that as some kind of intentional satire on Hollywood white-washing O.O

oh my god oh my god





Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

what the ufck

i think they announced this on the news today and idk but they seemed to downplay it which is really, really creepy

It’s creepy as fuck and I fucking hate this, someone make it stop.

They’re downplaying it because, while it’s shitty, it was an intimidation tactic that’s not being enforced, as far as the media can tell. It’s not actually a thing that’s happening - the fliers are being declared as likely fake (as in, not actually government legislation, not that the fliers don’t exist). So, for right now, this isn’t actually something that’s being forced on the Jewish population of Donetsk - some people are just being fucking assholes. It’s still not great news by half, but it’s not World War 2 revamped yet. Everyone is keeping a close eye on it, but no one wants to be sensationalist about something that may or may not be a hoax.

This is not to downplay the seriousness of the issue, just to provide some context.


Anonymous asked:

Bless you for the hair post. Now i have the task of asking the hairdresser for a shag without laughing ;)

There is no straight way to do it. I wish you all the luck in the world - and wonderful hair adventures. (If it helps, you fully have my permission to print out pictures of my hair to bring them, so they get the idea)


Anonymous asked:

I love your hair! Do you have kind of naturally wavey hair or do you use product? Can you post a pic? Sorry if this sounds strange. I've been looking for a short hair cut because my 523674890ft long hair is getting hard to manage and I love yours!

NOT WEIRD AT ALL! Already, here’s the low-down on my hair:

So it IS naturally wavy/curly - when it’s long, it gets a little crazy, though luckily I get nice ringlets out of it, like so:


The only thing I ever style is the bangs - I just run a straightener over them, usually. I don’t use product anymore, but when I did, I would throw in some mousse or creme as it was drying and just kinda scrunch it a bit, or toss it up in a messy bun to set. Now, I just let it do whatever.

Here’s my cut (and me) unstyled:


I got a haircut recently, hence the bangs. In the peanut post, my hair was grown out all to shit. If you want that style, I can refer you to another post I did on my hair here.

If you want my CURRENT style, which is essentially the same only with nicer bangs, here’s a pic of what it looks like styled:


Again, all I did there was the bangs, with a straightener. Literally all you gotta do is:

1. Let your hair dry naturally. Blow-dry for a bit of pouf, but with a diffuser - otherwise if your hair is fine like mine it’ll just get stringy. I don’t have a blowdryer so that hasn’t been an option for a while.

2. Use a comb and straighten your bangs in sections. Or hell just do whatever the fuck. You want a wavy fringe? You go. You want bangs as straight as straight can get? You go. My only suggestion when you talk to your hairdresser is to ask for nice, thick, blunt bangs. They’ll understand what you want. The bangs will come down from the centre of your head, maybe further, to give them a nice full look.

3. Literally that’s it. Comb a few gnarly sections if you feel like it. Fluff with your hands. Idk.


- a shag (and yes giggle all you want but that’s what it’s called, they’ll understand)

- layers. layers up the bloody wazoo. ask for short layers on top for volume if you get triangle hair like I do (flat on top, curly on the bottom, never a pretty sight)

- heavy blunt bangs/nice full fringe, depending on where you are and what the term is

- did I mention layers? layers make the hair. that’s why my hair is all flicky and volumptuous and awesome.

- this is chin length. if you want shorter, here’s another awesome cut I got last year:


- if you’ll notice, I still have full bangs, but everything is nice and super short, kinda piled on the head. I’m trying to grow my hair out but I’m tempted to go back to this cut tbh. I didn’t have to do anything with it and I’m a lazy shit so that appeals to me


- it’s a red dye that’s kind of interwoven with the bangs in a way that my hairdresser was super excited about - I have no idea why he was so excited but it looks cool. here’s a massively washed out drunken selfie that shows the colour really well:


- it’s kinda like that awesome ax lady in catching fire and her red hairdo except I got the red put in back in september so haha points go to me for originality right

- the only thing about red is that it fades SUPER FUCKING FAST so make sure you have a colour safe shampoo. it doesn’t have to be super expensive as long as it works


I hope this helped in some way, thank you for giving me an opportunity to go on and on about my hair! you’re awesome <3

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